3 Guarantees to an Unforgettable Thanksgiving

I can’t promise perfect fall temperatures or an uneventful road trip.  I can’t promise a no-fail menu or a Dallas Cowboy win.  I can’t promise a serene, quiet atmosphere {especially around my holiday table} or a long, uninterrupted nap, but I can promise an unforgettable Thanksgiving.

Here’s how:

  1. GIVE THANKS.  My grandmother has said on more than one occasion that there is always, always, always something to be thankful for.  No matter the pain, no matter the loss, no matter the circumstance – there is always something to be thankful for.  Sometimes we have to dig deep.  Sometimes we have to think hard, real hard.  Everything else around us may tell us otherwise, but elevating our gratitude shifts our focus from self to God.  I promise, I guarantee being thankful for the big, the small, the seen and the unseen will lend to an unforgettable Thanksgiving.fall8
  2. INVITE PEOPLE IN.  And I’m not just talking about into your house.  Invite people into your world.  Let your guard down, share pieces of your heart and let people in.  Tell on yourself, be vulnerable.  Trust me.  People adore you and they will love you with a greater capacity as you let down the protective walls of your heart and let them in.  An unforgettable Thanksgiving is yours if you’ll invite people in.



3.  BE KIND.  Call it a random act or a completely OCD planned act…whatever you call it, go out of your way to do something kind for someone else.  Give your time, bless with your unique giftings, share your things or spare your money, do something to show someone else kindness.  I promise an unforgettable Thanksgiving if you will think outside of the norm and show kindness to others.





So, there you have it.  Reclaim your holiday and make it unforgettable!

Happy Thanksgiving, friends.

La maison

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  1. Bob and Lorelei

    Thx for all the thoughts about what makes a warm and memorable Thanksgiving! Sometimes we forget in the middle of all the hussle- bussle of it all! Love the cozy pics of the rooms

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