The Hardest Call

DSC_0167World Adoption Day was yesterday, November 9th. We celebrate the gift of adoption everyday.  Adoption has been the best — the hardest — the most challenging and the sweetest.  Nothing else that I have walked through has brought me to the place of utter dependance.  I sit, mostly, in an ocean of grace.  And am able to extend it more freely because of this journey.

If you are anything like us, you’ve done your research and you probably have that overwhelming stack of paperwork sitting on the corner of your desk.  You know God is nudging your heart but you are scared to death.  I get it.  You can read our story here.

I love to talk adoption.  Contact me if you have questions or need encouragement.

Our church is offering a Foster Parent training soon.  Details are here:  Beltway Park Church.

Love came down and rescued me…

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