Armoire Made Pantry

Our kitchen does not have a built-in microwave nor does it have a pantry.  This bugs me.

I thought about converting a space for the microwave in our island.  But–twins.  So I nixed that.

I tried it on the countertop and it looked ridiculous and took up way too much space.  And I just really hated it there.

Finally, we resolved the immediate issue by cramming it onto a shelf in the corner of the kitchen and lived with it for a couple of years.


I sat one afternoon with my CountryLiving magazine.  A rarity, but it happened.

I immediately fell in love with this…..

Country Living Magazine

Gorgeous, right?  The hunt began.  Craigslist.  Estate sales.  Online garage sale groups.  It took some time, but I found it.  I found just the right one.


This is a 1940ish AustineSuite piece.  He grew up impoverish in London.  His father was a bamboo worker, but died at an early age.  Austin had much adversity to overcome and that he did.  He left school at age 11 and educated himself.  He made furniture, fought in WWII and later served in Parliament.  He was a Jewish man and during his time in Parliament, Israel became a free state.


DSC_0053 We got it home and started working on it right away.  The piece was in pretty good condition.  We added shelves to the left side and a hole to pull the microwave cord through.  The microwave is IN there.  It’s not moving…please don’t break.  I added groceries and there you go, armoire made pantry!

DSC_0057 DSC_0056 DSC_0052

Details.details.details.  I love details.  And how cute is that English spelling of pYjamas.  Adorable, right?  Love.

I am so pleased how this piece turned out and how great it looks in the kitchen.  I love that the microwave is now hidden behind doors.  But mostly I love the story that proceeds the redemption!

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