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Seer of Beauty

DSC_0771I was just a kid when my love affair and infatuation with all things old began. I blame my grandmother, MaMa.  She loves antiques and some of my very own precious memories with my MaMa were spent meandering through antique stores.  What would typically take me a few minutes to walk through would take hours with her.  “Everything has a story”, she would say as she would stroll down isle after isle looking at and touching old treasures.  {She also told me once that nothing would cause her to have a bowel movement faster than walking through an antique store.  I don’t know…but that’s what she told me}.

This relationship with junk started out pretty shallow: a coat of paint or an unexpected container for flowers. Amateur.  But over time I gained a bit more courage or I was just bored and thought, “why not!” and started refurbishing some furniture, reupholstering a chair or two and the occasional completely cutting something down to make something brand new.

DSC_0684As the love evolved, I began to ask God what the purpose in it was. “Who cares if I can make something junky into something beautiful?”  Surely it was just a waste of time.  I had more important things to do, right?  Anyone else ever question your God-designed gifts?

Seer of beauty.

That was it. That was the whisper that held the answer to my question.  God spoke, “You are a seer of beauty.”

Whoa. The relationship with junk just took a giant turn.  No longer was it just about making something ugly into something pretty.  No longer was it just about turning a toolbox into a centerpiece and no longer was it just about the here and now.

In that moment, God revealed his nature for the discarded, the broken, and the ugly. He is THE seer of beauty.  He saw the beauty in me in that awful season of self-destruction.  He saw the restored me when my heart was broken.  He saw the redeemed me when I thought I was too far gone.  Redemption, restoration and beauty are how the story ends!  He promises to make all things new.  He turns the old, broken, beaten, and shaken into something new….brand new.


I completely agree with MaMa that everything has a story {bowel movement??? Still out for discussion}. Everything has a purpose and everything {and everyone} is made beautiful in His time.