Kicking Doubt While Choosing to Trust

Two years ago my kids started new schools.  The new house wasn’t too far from the old one, but far enough to place our kids in another school.  We had been so certain of this move.  We had taken time to really listen to God’s heart and we made sure we were not stepping out of his desires for us when we made the decision to relocate.

Before summer started we were able to visit the new elementary and get two of the three school age kiddos squared away.  However, we had to wait until the end of summer to register our middle schooler into her new school.  I’m not sure who was more nervous.  Although, she handles herself with much more grace than her mom, it was a big deal to our almost 7th grader to start over in a new environment.  And it was a big deal for her mom.

It was {and always is} a brutally hot day in August when she and I made our way to the school.  Sonic was a must after we were finished, but before that we carried our nerves and a stack of paperwork into the school.

Peace had welcomed us in that building and I was even more certain we had made the right decision, but I’ve lived long enough to know how the enemy works.  I knew at some point he would crash our sense of belonging and certainty into a pile of doubt and loneliness.  We pulled into our driveway and stopped the car.  I turned to my 12 year old, looked her in the eye and said this:

This is good.  This is exactly where we are supposed to be.  God was emphatically clear about us moving to this part of town and enrolling into this new school.  He knows what he’s doing.  Do you understand that?  There will be days when you feel like no one sees you or hears you.  There will be moments when you want to bolt…run away and never look back.  There will be waves of insecurity and loneliness, BUT!  But, remember this moment.  Remember all the ways God told our family that this was right for us.  Remember how He showed us this very place is the very best place to be who He made us to be.  Remember that He doesn’t lie or make mistakes and He doesn’t shoot us onto a path and leave us to figure things out on our own.  Remember this!


The memory of us sitting in the driveway having this heart to heart has come to mind several times this summer.  Fear and pain has settled over our nation with so many tragedies over the past month or so.  The crazy, protective mother side of me wants to cave.  Literally….live in cave.  And if that’s not an option, I at least want to dead bolt the doors and not let anyone in or out.  But, I again, I know the enemy’s tactics here.  He loves it when we hide.  When we hide we are not at all effective for the Kingdom of God and we cultivate a breeding ground for fear and pain.  He knows that and he tries over and over to convince us that providing our own means of protection and safety is the best thing to do.  Hear me.  The best thing to do is to put ALL of trust in the Lord.  The best thing is to lay down our right for protection and safety and trust the ONE who holds time; the ONE who isn’t rattled by fear and heals our pain.  The ONE who never caves.

As we gear up to send our kids to school again {summer slow down}, can we remember?  Can we remember where the Lord has specifically placed us?  Your physical location is by no means a coincidence.  Can we remember the very best way to be effective for His Kingdom is to be out in the world.  Light is light no matter how dark the atmosphere is.  Can we remember that God goes before us, with us and He follows behind us?  Can we remember that He doesn’t lie or make mistakes and shoot us onto a path only to leave us to figure things out on our own.

**A few years ago I wrote about the first time we put our old house up for sale.  God taught me so much about trusting, growing and THRIVING right where we were.  Read that post by clicking HERE!


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